Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley || GUSH

Rave review of Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley: I absolutely could not put this book down; I flew through the entire thing in a day and I have SO MANY feelings. Do not be surprised when you see this on my ‘favourites of 2021’ list!

February 2021 Wrap Up

February was the month of buddy reads, but the general theme was, ‘I didn’t have any particularly strong feelings about this book, but I enjoyed it overall!’ And this is short enough that I’m (just about) okay with leaving it all as one post, which makes a nice change!

Lucy Worsley Book Tag

The fabulous Cara (Wilde Book Garden) tagged me in this, which she created a few months ago in celebration of her three-year booktube anniversary! The tag is based around Lucy Worsley’s documentaries – which I’ve never seen any of, but these questions make them sound absolutely fantastic and now I really want to!

January 2021 Wrap Up (part 2)

The main theme of the second half of the month was an entirely uncharacteristic amount of contemporary genre romance, which honestly I’m still surprised by!

January 2021 Wrap Up (Part 1)

A definite pattern is emerging where, I feel like I’m not reading much during the month, but surprise myself when I come to write these wrap ups and realise how many books I actually read… In January I read 23 – which (as is becoming usual now) I’ve split into two parts. This was the month when I rediscovered both my e-reader and NetGalley, both of which have been pretty seismic shifts in how and what I’m reading!

A Newcomer’s Guide to Jane Austen (Or, I’ve Read Pride and Prejudice: Now What?)

Somewhere along the way, Austen has become the thing people associate with me(?), and a lot of people have asked me some variation of either ‘which Austen book should I start with?’ or ‘I’ve read Pride and Prejudice: where should I go now?’ So this post, my attempt at answering those questions, aims to be a short overview of the particular themes and tropes in each of the novels to give you a sense of where you might want to start, and where you might want to go after that!

December 2020 Wrap Up (Part 2)

The second half of my December wrap up: this one is a real mixed bag, in terms of genre and format but also my opinion, containing some absolute new favourites, and one of my most hated books of the year!

December 2020 Wrap Up (Part 1)

It didn’t feel like I read that much in December, but it turns out I actually managed 16 books, so once again this post will be split into two! This first half are all the books I read for the #DiversifyYourDecember Readathon, run by my lovely friends Mary @bookstorevibe and Maša @onceandfuturebooknerd.

Most Disappointing/Least Favourite Books of 2020

I wasn’t planning to do this post because I read incredibly few books in 2020 that I actually disliked… but I have strong enough feelings about the ones I actually hated to fill several posts, and I did have several that disappointed me in various ways, even if I didn’t dislike the book overall! So, in order of least-worst to most-hated:


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