Favourite books of 2020

After plenty of agonising, I’ve managed to narrow down this year’s reading to my Top 10 Favourite Reads of 2020!

October Wrap Up (Part 2)

This post has taken me entirely too long to finish given that it’s been mostly written since I posted the first half of this wrap up three weeks ago… but here we are! I’ve also added my thoughts about the sequels of a couple of these, which I read in November (I’ve decided not to do a full November wrap up, since there were only a couple of books I felt particularly strongly about, and I’ll be talking about them in other posts soon anyway!)

October Wrap Up (Part 1)

I read 16 books in October, which isn’t my highest month this year but apparently I had a lot more feelings about the books than usual, because somehow this wrap up ended up WAY too long, so I’ve split it in half!

The Shaded Choice Awards Tag

The Shaded Choice Awards are a set of yearly book awards dedicated to celebrating new releases by BIPOC authors! The event has been newly created this year by Princess (Castle Library), Jasmine (Pardon My Imagination), and Ashley (@ashleyjreads) to throw shade on the Goodreads Choice Awards – which I think we can all agree have some issues! – and the semi-final round is currently open, so GO VOTE and discover some new books! This tag was created by Princess to go alongside the awards, and again is all about our favourite books by BIPOC authors!

What is ‘good’ representation? Positive vs holistic

As a fair-skinned, middle class student, at an elite university, with a ‘proper’ British accent, my privilege is only too apparent, and I’m painfully conscious of two facts. One: I have been, and will be, granted access to a lot of spaces that people from marginalised groups are still too often excluded from. And two, as a consequence of one: I may well be one of, if not the only, Muslim or person of colour that many people I come into contact with have ever met.

The Autumn Book Tag

I think this is actually the first tag I’ve ever done on this blog? (Besides the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag, which I don’t really count…) This is definitely a fun one to start with; it was created by the wonderful Maddy @ Miss Maddy Chats, and she was also the one who tagged me!

September 2020 Wrap Up

I read 16 books in September: some old favourites and some new ones; a couple I didn’t love as much as I wanted to, but almost everything four stars or above, so I consider it a win! I have a LOT of thoughts on a lot of them though, so this post is going to be a long one.


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