July Wrap Up

I managed 14 books in July, which is less than I would have liked (especially since 6 of those were rereads of the Ranger’s Apprentice, which somehow feel like they don’t count?), but ah well. It’s also another month of mostly 3.5 star reads, which is disappointing; I feel like I haven’t read anything new in a while that I’ve really LOVED (though hopefully that will change in August)

August Reading Plans

All my readathon plans in June and July entirely failed, and I’m going to have a lot less reading time in August, for various reasons, so I don’t want to commit to anything concretely, but I am really excited about a couple of readathons and a few other bits and pieces, so let’s call this… Continue reading August Reading Plans

You’re such a negative reader, Hana || Discussion

People often tell me that they see me as quite a ‘negative’ reviewer, or that I’m a hard reader to please – and while it mostly comes from friends, and I know it’s from a place of love and gentle teasing, it really does bother me sometimes, mainly because I don’t think it’s true!

Collab announcement!

A little while ago, my lovely friend Cara (Wilde Book Garden on Booktube) and I got talking about popular books and how hype affects both our own reading and the book community at large – and we had so much to say that we wanted to include all of you! So, NEXT SUNDAY (19th July)… Continue reading Collab announcement!

Favourite Musicals Based On Books

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE musical theatre! I love that songs are moments in the story that let characters be vulnerable and express their feelings in a way you don’t necessarily get through dialogue alone; I love the escapism of it; and really I just love the spectacle of the thing!

June Reading Wrap Up

Even more than 2020 so far as a whole, June feels like it lasted for YEARS. (As a side note, the contact page of this site has a list of links to causes/petitions etc. about a few of the major causes that need attention right now.) In terms of reading, it *feels* like I’ve read… Continue reading June Reading Wrap Up

Hello! (Book Blogger Newbie Tag)

Hey! I’m Hana. I’m a British-Pakistani introvert, who (every second that I’m not either studying for an Engineering degree, or rowing with my college team) can invariably be found holed up in my room, doing such introverted, homebody activities as jigsaw puzzles, embroidery, baking, or – obviously – reading. I’ve been on Bookstagram for coming… Continue reading Hello! (Book Blogger Newbie Tag)

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